Danielle Colvin Photography


I’ve always been passionate about photography and imagery, with an eye for detail and a flair for telling a story; be it a personal moment, or illustrating the key benefits of a product.

I used to work in television and I've spent a few years exploring the world with a backpack. Travel inspired me to do what always came naturally and pursue a career in what I enjoy most; photography. Returning to study I gained an advanced diploma in Professional Photography at CPIT in Christchurch. I have won awards in the NZIPP national photography competitions and was recognised as a “photographer to watch out for” in 2010 by Canon NZ.

Enjoying a variety of photography including products and advertising, creative portraiture and landscapes. I thrive on knowing that photography allows me new, different and creative experiences everyday. It is not just taking a great photo that inspires me to work as a professional photographer, but the process involved in creating an image that tells a story. Listening to my clients needs is important to me, including sourcing the perfect props, locations, lighting and required expertise.

Skilled in retouching as well as photography I post produce my images to ensure a consistent high standard of imagery is delivered every job. I enjoy working with people and I am building a network of like minded creative individuals from whom to draw inspiration from and collaborate with on projects. I continue to shoot personal work on a regular basis to develop my style and technique and to keep up to date with the relevant advances in technology.